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Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead

No, he always looks pale!

Oh for crying out loud guys if Judge Judy heard about this she’d bitch slap you two into next week. When Robert Jeffrey Young and Mark Rubinson decided to visit their friend Jeffrey Jarret they were shocked to find him dead as a door nail. Hmm, but instead of ringing  for an ambulance they thought they would take him to his favorite bar (so they could use his tab of course). When they had finished they put the probably very stiff mate in the car and continued bar hopping all over Denver with his credit card. It’s only when they took the corpse home after their pub crawl did they bother to ring the police.


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Something Fishy!

Where does a Florida woman  hide her fraudulent credit card and fake drivers license when pulled over by cops? Hmm, if you were Ann Marie Hernandez that would be the vagina. The 46 year old had $5,000 worth of items bought with the dodgy credit card in her car when  stopped by cops on Interstate 75. A quick search of the car failed to find any evidence of the card but when a female deputy was called to the scene, viola, there it was hidden away in her vagina along with a fake drivers license. Pity the fool who had the job of handling them!

Want sauce with that?


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Color You Stupid

A man in Flint , Michigan ( Michael Moore country) got himself in all sorts of trouble after he told police his car had been stolen and then he had been  robbed while trying to use his credit card to buy crack. Pretty much an all round fail. Cops didn’t believe any of his stories and arrested the fool.

Psst Do they friggin take credit cards?

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