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Is It Me?

Is it me or are the new WordPress smiley faces creepy? creepy


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Oh Le Loyon

strange camouflage cloak wearing gas masked man in swiss woodsIf you go  down in the Swiss woods today you’re sure of a big surprise. Boo, it’s Le Loyon, some camouflage cloak wearing dude in an old gas mask who is often seen carrying a bunch of flowers. For near on 10 years he’s been scaring the beejeesus out of locals by walking the same route every day. No one knows who the hell the creepy person is but there are quite a few theories, ranging from it being a tall woman with a nasty skin disease to a doomsday prepper waiting for the apocalypse. Unfortunately the authorities are loathed to do anything about him because he hasn’t broken any laws. No crime being weird.


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Can Someone Hand Rupert Murdoch A Mirror

And now for the pot calling the kettle black. Rupert Murdoch tweeted yesterday “Watch Katie Holmes and Scientology story develop. Something creepy, even evil, about these people.” . Geez Rupert, I happened to have watched  you and your son getting grilled at the UK phone hack inquiry and let me tell ya, people in glass houses!!!!

Psst Where are News of the World when you need them, if there ever was someones phone to hack!!!!


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Tom Cruise’s Creepy Marriage Facts

Holy friggin Xenu Batman, check out Thomas Cruise Mapother IV’s creepy marriage facts.

All his marriages end when his spouses turn 33….

Mimi (born Jan. 1956) separated from Tom in 1989 = 33
Nicole (born June 1967) separated from Tom in Feb. 2001 = 33
Katie (born Dec. 1978) separated from Tom in June 2012 = 33

Each wife’s age difference is 11 years, which, when added up = 33

Mimi – born in 56
Nicole – 67
Katie – 78

The wife’s birth months are  Jan (1), June (6), December (12) which don’t = 33 but are all 6 months apart = 666 😯  (LOL!!!!)

Hmm, which means if all goes to plan, the next Mrs Cruise will have to have  been born in 1989.  So watch out Hayden Panettiere, Elizabeth Olsen , Taylor Swift , Imogen Poots  and Daniel Radcliffe, he’s back on the market and on the prowl. Office pool anyone?


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Scariest Friggin Doll EVER!!!



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Creepy Alert

Hi honey, I'm home!

A heartbroken businessman has paid $18,000 to have a life sized sex doll made in the likeness of his ex girlfriend…oh, with just one small exception “I want it just like her but with bigger boobs”. The doll, which was made by Italian adult toymaker Diego Bortolin, weighs 58kg, is 1.6m tall and is fully flexible.

Psst I bet the sex is the same but the dishes are piling up in the sink!


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Creepy Dude Kills Katy Perry Song Stone Dead

Make him go away NOW!!!! What the hell? OMG!!! No!!!!!!


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