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Cremation Fail

Oh dear, a little girl has died in an explosion after one of her relatives poured petrol over their late granny’s casket during a cremation cermony in Cambodia. Evidently one of the males mourners got frustrated with how slow the wet firewood was taking to burn under the grandmother’s coffin. So he decided to help it on its way by pouring 2 liters of gasoline over it. You can pretty much guess the rest. Twelve other family members were injured in the ensuing kaboom!


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Do It Yourself Cremation Fail

The moral of the story is never, ever  use gasoline when trying to cremate your  Rottweiller in the backyard or you might burn your house down. Charles Harris from North Virginia had tried to get help from several animal shelters to dispose of his beloved pooch but they all told him it was too big, so he attempted to do it himself. Enter can of gasoline, lots of flames and a emergency call to the fire department. The house will be OK but no word on what happened to the dog.

Psst Oh for crying out loud loons, yes, the dog was dead!


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Cocaine Fail

OK, here’s the thing dumbassed burglars, that powdery substance you found in the house you were robbing was not cocaine or heroin but the ashes of the owner’s father and her two Great Danes, so quit snorting it! Yep, they did.

Want sauce with that?


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Life Depicting Prank

Oh for crying out loud people, don’t send some old guy a bogus receipt for his own cremation service, it’ll will kill him. Poor Than Singh was so shocked to read about his own demise he had a massive heart attack and died. But wait there’s more, in a bizarre twist of fate Singh’s body was sent to the crematorium mentioned on the receipt AND was also given the exact same serial number that appeared on the bogus receipt. Indian police are now investigating the incident but have no clues as to who was behind the prank.


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