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Don’t Mess With Mom

Wanna mess with him again?

A Crestview mom came up with a simple and friggin effective way to stop her eldest son picking on his younger bro. Call the police.Yep, after oldest son (18) got peeved with mom, he went off and slapped his younger brother. Response? A call to the cops. Hmm, after they  noted a red mark on younger boy’s face, they arrested older brother for battery.

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We Have A Winner

And the dumbassed 911 caller of the week goes to the 51 year old Crestview woman who rang 911 four times because she couldn’t find her cell phone and suspected her husband had taken it.Hmm, the bitch is, when police rolled up at her house after the third nuisance call and rang the cell phone it began ringing in the other room.The cops told her to quit bothering them but a short time later she rang once again to report the phone stolen. This time it was in her pocket as she was led to the patrol car after being arrested.

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