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What Is Better than Beating England in the Ashes?

Reading all the whiners commenting at the Daily Mail. My favorite would have to be from this dude…. Blahahahhaha

Psst To all the US followers the Ashes is an ancient cricket competition between Australia and England. Oh yeah, sorry, cricket is a game using a small red ball and wooden bat.



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Take Your Bat and Ball and Go Home!

Here, you forgot this!

Well, well, well, as Australian cricket sinks to an all time low, it seems the little boys club is finally being mismantled. Can’t say I’m going to miss them. For far too long the “men” behind the scenes have made poor selection decisions, showed the most appalling favoritism and refused to allow young blood into the side. The current team is the end result of their over inflated egos and arrogance. So now that they are gone, who are they gonna call? Well word is Belinda Clark. Yes, you heard me, a woman…and a damn good one at that.She is Australia’s most successful women’s cricket player and whatsmore she has impressive management skills. You go girl and show them some balls!


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Shamrock Shocker

Blahahaha, what is better than England winning the Ashes? England getting their sorry asses whipped by Ireland in the Cricket World Cup. I’m still laughing! Please, someone stop me! Attaboys. With 327 runs required, Ireland’s Kevin O’Brien (who no one has ever heard of) smashed 113 off 63 balls to take Ireland to a historical win. It is going to be a movie for sure! Hows about a national holiday?????

Psst Every Aussie around the world is snickering.

Check out the vid …hilarious


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Forget About The Cameras Matt Prior ?

Holy cricket furor Batman. English wicketkeeper Matt Prior seems to have suffered short term memory loss when he tapped off the bails and then claimed batsman Mitchell Johnson had been bowled during a one dayer last night. The replay kinda shows him getting caught in the act. Awkard.

Psst At least they didn’t under arm it!

2nd psst Cricket is a sport.


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Mid Wicket Meteorite

You know I hate? When you are playing cricket and a friggin meteorite crashes into deep mid wicket. I really friggin hate that. The rock which was a few inches long was first spotted by spectators as it hurtled towards the players. It eventually landed near the boundary.

Psst Sheez and nobody caught it?


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