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Take That Mistress!!!

Where is she???

OK, here’s the thing angry, pissed off wife, when you decide to go all al Qaeda on the woman you suspect your hubby is having an afffair with, you might want to make sure you have her exact address before you unleash your fury on her apartment …with your car. Seems in her blind rage the New Zealand woman drove her car through the closed gates of the complex and into an apartment’s garage causing around $35,000. That was all good and dandy except for the fact it wasn’t the alleged mistresses home. Awkward.

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Threesome Ends in a Gruesome

A Ménage à Troi has ended in tragedy after the boyfriend walked in on his partner having sex with two men in their Brooklyn apartment. Bummer. The 50 year old guy admitted to killing his 51 year girlfriend and the two men but it is still unclear if they were shot or beaten because he was so friggin irate he chopped up the men’s bodies and dumped them in New Jersey. As for the missus, he left her in the bedroom. A neighbor said she heard screaming but thought it was someone yelling at the barking dog. Hmm, sounds like a fun apartment building!


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