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The Perfect Weather For Crime

British researchers have analysed 6.6 million police records from last decade and concluded that the perfect temperature for criminal activity is 64F (18C). Seems there is pretty much zip during a heatwave because offenders are worn out by the oppressive temperatures. And I am guessing oppressive temps in Britain would be 19C. Still no cure for cancer.

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Always Retrieve Your Body Parts From Crime Scene

police run prints from severed finger and make arrestA little word of advice to all would-be thieves, please don’t leave your severed finger behind at the crime scene as the police can and will get a finger print. Seriously, that is common crime sense 101. When a technician found a severed finger in a spool of copper wiring he gave the police a buzz and they ran the print. When they went to arrest the fool ,surprise, surprise he happened to be missing a digit. Oh the humanity.


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