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Caped Crusader in Bradford

Holy imposter Batman. A rather plump man dressed in a unflattering Batman cozy has walked into a Bradford police station in Leeds and handed over a criminal. The man was later charged with handling stolen goods. Police are now asking for the crime fighting dude to come forward to testify in the court case. Hmm, try Bruce Wayne in the phonebook silly.


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Shawstank Redemption

A man in the US tried to flood a toilet in his holding cell after he was picked up for trespassing. Yes indeedy, he took off his shirt and shoved it in the toilet in an attempt to flood his cell. In what ended up being a useless exercise, police simply moved him to a cell without a toilet. Fail.


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How To Catch A Fugitive in a Cornfield?

How do you find a criminal hiding out in a Kankakee cornfield? Bring out the the friggin combine and start harvesting whilst police set themselves up around the perimeter and wait, that’s how. Yep, it took 90 minutes but Daniel Thomas eventually came running out of the field begging to be arrested.

Want sauce with that?


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Didn’t I tell You To Wear Clean Undies?

Ewh, ewh, ewh, authorities in Washington State have used DNA from a pair of undies left at a burglary to solve the crime. You gotta hate that friggin DNA database huh? Anywho, the underpants, which were left behind along with shoes and pants, came up a perfect match for some dude who was already in jail on other burglary charges. Hmm, just add this to the list!


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Dumbass From Down Under

We have a winner, stand up Melbourne’s dumbest crim…. Andrew Bawden. Within an hour, yes an hour, of Mr Bawden being bailed over a series of break-ins he was back at it. Oh yes indeedy. He robbed cars, houses, offices and even a cathedral. That was, until he dropped his police charge sheet at one of the crime scenes. Awkward. His next stop he dropped a DVD containing his police interview. Unlucky. Police arrested the bright spark soon after. Bawden pleaded guilty to about 30 friggin counts and with bail denied.


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Epic Hiding From Police Fail

Smarter option

Oh for goodness sakes people, burying yourself up to your neck in snow to hide from the police is only going to end in tears..or in this case hypothermia. A truck driver in Ontario, who failed to stop for police, eventually took off into the snow in hope of eluding them. His master plan was to bury himself in snow and become a needle in a haystack. I guess he didn’t count on the sniffer dogs to find him. He was taken to hospital with hypothermia and a nice string of charges including possession of stolen property and possession of a controlled substance.


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