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Bad Blood

Didn't give blood ...and you?

Didn’t give blood …and you?

An Alabama judge has raised a few eyebrows after he told small time offenders, who couldn’t pay their fines, to give blood or go to jail. The damn ethics groups are whining “Judges may not jail someone simply because they are poor and not able to pay.” Hmm, hello, don’t do the crime.


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Gut Instincts Fail

A word of warning from a 30 year veteran FBI profiler, that well mannered nice guy living in your cul de sac could well be a friggin psychopath with bodies in the freezer. Mary Ellen O’Toole has heard it all before  “but he was such a nice guy”, even by the friggin investigators,  who on many occasions disregard suspects because they seem nice. O’Toole warns our  “gut instincts” and “intuition” can often fail when it comes to “nice neighbors”. Sleep with one eye open loons and a baseball bat.

Psst OToole has just released a book called Dangerous Instincts, which highlights the fact our gut instincts suck!

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If You Can’t Bet Them, Join Them

200 Avon and Somerset pensioners arrested in the last two years

My Bad?

Brilliant, more than 200 pensioners have been arrested by the Avon and Somerset Police in the last two years. The eldest being a 99 year old burglar followed closely behind by a 92 year old drunk driver! Among the crimes they have alleged to have committed,  being drunk and disorderly in public, loan sharking, causing grievous bodily harm and conspiracy to murder. Not bad granny and gramps!


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