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Don’t Mess With Bongo Jesus

He just didn't get my art!

Street musician Bongo Jesus (aka Bradin Hochstrasser) does not take too kindly to being heckled, especially if it’s about his guitar playing. The Wisconsin street performer flew into a rage when someone began questioning him about his guitar playing prowess and so proceeded to hit him over the head with his instrument.When police arrived Bongo Jesus was still clobbering the critic on the noggin with his guitar. That’s a  tasering right there!


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Gastronomic Justice

Every time news columnist E.J. Montini writes a negative story about Sheriff Joe Arpaio he gets sent an anchovy pizza, compliments of Joe. Moral of the story is never reveal you hate damn salty fish.

Psst You can get the lowdown on the showdown here azcentral.com


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