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Joan Rivers Critical

Comedian Joan Rivers is in a critical condition after she stopped breathing during surgery on her vocal chords . When doctors realised  the 81 year was not breathing they called an ambulance and she was rushed to a New York hospital where she remains in a critical condition.


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Promising Basketballer Fights For Life

A promising Indianapolis basketball player is fighting for his life after he survived a plane crash which killed his father and stepmother. Sadly, this isn’t the first time 16 year old Austin Hatch has been involved in a plane crash. Eight years ago he lost his mother and two siblings in a similar incident. Both times his father was piloting the plane. Austin is now the only surviving member of his immediate family. Thoughts and prayers.


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Rumor Mill Round Up

Bring me some water. Lindsay can’t seem to get no bottled aqua and she ain’t drinking from no nasty jail sink. Anywho, her little jail stint could make her millions if she doesn’t self harm first. Miranda kerr and Orlando Bloom tied the knot (woohoo lets give them a Mexican “who cares” wave). Beyonce, is responsible for Booty Pop undies which make your ass a whole lot bigger (thanks biatch). Twinnings are making a Lady Gaga flavored tea (now she can feed her pet teapot and saucer!). Jersey Shore cast went on strike and the world rejoiced. Zsa Zsa Gabor is in a critical condition after realising who she was married to falling and breaking a hip. Oh and lets not forget the latest Mad Max round up, he’s still douchebag and she is still a nobody.

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