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Alien Head Dug Up In Croatia

Where did you bury ET?

Where did you bury ET?

Forget Area 51, a Croatian mayor believes graveyard workers have found the head of an alien and it stinks like  men’s cologne. Yes the extraterrestrial object was dug up by grave diggers and now the mayor wants it tested. Locals aren’t so sure it is alien, many believe it is simply a tree root. Hmm, yep, I’m going for the tree root too.

Psst I wonder if it smells like  Old Spice?


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Revenge Against Thorny Bush Fails

Jure Erceg really, really hated a thorny bush that pricked and scratched  him every time he friggin walked passed it on his way to college. One day he had a bright idea, he would burn that sucker down. Unfortunately his little plan backfired, not only did he succeed in burning the bush he set the whole friggin park alight causing £30 million in damages. Whoops, my bad? Now poor Erceg’s religious studies are on hold while he sits in jail for 15 months. Student 0, prick of a bush 1.


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Some Things Your Mom Should Never know!

Is that my friggin scarf?

Oh for goodness sakes Dino Babic, just because your mom caught you masturbating it was no excuse to smash a small statue over her head and then suffocate her to death. Geez, George Costanza just sucked it in when he was sprung on the couch by this mother! Babic from Croatia called the cops and confessed his crime saying he lost it when he saw his mom’s  absolute shock at finding him slapping the sausage while pulling on a scarf tied around his neck. Babic 0, mom 0.


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