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Croc On Plane

OK, here’s the thing fool, never, ever stow away a friggin live crocodile on a small aircraft, it will only end in tears and  death . A passenger on a flight from Kinshasa to Bandundu in the Democratic Republic of Congo is being blamed for the death of 19 people after he smuggled a croc on board. Sometime during the flight the friggin thing escaped by chewing it’s way through the sports bag it was in and you can pretty much guess the rest. Everybody panic. A horrified air hostess went screaming down the aisle to the cockpit the moment she spied the angry beast… followed closely behind by a  stampede of terrified passengers. The redistribution of weight in the aircraft then caused the plane to tip off balance and  flip over mid air. Now here’s the bitch,  the only two survivors from the flight, were a passenger (to retell the harrowing tale) and that damn croc. Unfortunately for the croc he was later cut up into itsy bitsy pieces by  rescuers.

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Feet Up Everyone

OK, no need to panic but can you lift your feet nice and slow!

OK, no need to panic but can you lift your feet nice and slow!

Hands up, who brought the friggin croc onboard? A baby crocodile has scared the living  crap out of passengers on an EgyptAir flight from Abu Dhabi to Cairo when it suddenly appeared out of nowhere mid flight. The cocky little reptile leisurely strolled down the aisle while hysterical passengers promptly lifted their feet up and screamed. He was eventually cornered and captured by crew members. He is now holidaying at the Giza Zoo.

Psst Of course no one on the flight has admitted to bringing the creature onboard. Hmm,I wonder whose pant leg he had been strapped to? Check for scratches!


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