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He’s Everything All Rolled Into One!

Holy cross dressing, murdering, Canadian commander, Batman. Sheez, Colonel Russell Williams was by day,  in charge of Canada’s largest air force base, a well respected pilot and loving hubby but by night he was a murdering, cross dressing, sex fiend. Williams has pleaded guilty to murdering two women and raping two others (plus taking photos) during  86 lurid sex crimes (which involved mainly stealing women’s lingerie) . Needless to say  the military are still friggin stunned. During the investigation they found hundreds of photos of Williams wearing stolen lingerie in the victim’s bedrooms while he masturbated. A large amount of stolen undies and bras, which were meticulously categorized and stored in bags and boxes, were found at his home he shared with his wife of 19 years.It is believed at least once he wore his military uniform during a break-in.Williams is facing life behind bars and decades of humiliation.

Psst You can read the full story here on Wiki.


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Honey, Does This Skirt Make My Ass Look Fat?

Do you know what I hate? When you return to your room at the Hyatt in Chicago and find a male employee trying on your clothes. I really friggin hate that! No word on if he looked good in her skirt, undies and high heels!

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Does Anyone Care About The Victim?

Seems in the eyes of the Australian judicial system (or in this case, Victorian County Court judge Marilyn Harbison) accountability goes out the window if you are cross dressing p-plate driver. Jayke Baldwin (21) avoided a three year jail sentence after losing control of his car and killing his girlfriend because the judge believed he’d be subjected to bullying in jail because of his cross dressing  effeminate ways. Oh give me a break , the  next thing we’ll know, judges will  be refusing to jail murderers because they could pose a threat to other inmates. Baldwin was speeding when he lost control of his car and hit a tree. His  girlfriend, Melissa Neylon, died when she was thrown from the vehicle and it ended up landing on her.

Psst When you make exceptions for one person it makes it so easy for lawyers to argue the same circumstances for others, thus our pathetically watered down legal system.


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Cross Dressing Car Thief

People in Milwaukee be on the look out for a cross dressing car thief. The man in his 20’s loves nothing better than stealing cars and leading police on high-speed chases while dressed in women’s clothing and make-up.


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Cross Dresser Scares the Ladies

Cross dresser in trouble for scaring three women in a car parkOK, here’s the thing weirdo cross dresser, wearing false boobs and a fake bum made from a bucket can scare the living daylights out of people who are unprepared. Take for instance the three women Christopher Darnbrough frightened the bejeesus out of in a car park near Paisley. The three women were minding their own bees wax when Christopher approached them wearing a cardie, flouncy skirt, fake boobs and a pail on his ass. He then proceeded to bend over to make his skirt ride up. Dear god. Enter police. Christoper has admitted he has a fetish and has also pleaded guilty to being  a naughty boy  for deliberately upsetting the ladies to get his frills thrills.

Psst Sorry loons no photos as of yet.


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