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Monsignor Meth

cross dressing priest arrested for drug dealingOK, I can kinda of forgive a sex shop owning cross dressing Catholic priest but I draw the line at him leading a $9,000 a week drug dealing ring. Seriously Monsignor,  crystal meth!!! Sources say suspicion began falling on the Connecticut priest when he began ‘engaging in sex acts, entertaining “odd-looking men” and cross dressing in the rectory of St Augustine Cathedral.’ Funny, because that normally doesn’t raise eyebrows amongst diocese officials. Anywho, Kevin Wallin resigned in 2011 and continued his path of damnation until his arrest in early January. Looks like he’s going to hell in a handbag and Jimmy Choo shoes.

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I’m Just Saying!

Good lord, is John Travolta trying to leave Scientology or something because someone is definitely out to get him. Now he’s a cross dressing, gay, sex fiend. Does this scandal have no end?  Grease is the word!



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Cross Dressing Man Arrested

When 44 year old Allen Galbreath was question by Oklahoma police about why he was carrying an air pistol in his red purse he told them he was “a homosexual, cross-dressing, black male in his forties and needed it for his own protection.” You don’t say. Galbreath was arrested for disorderly conduct after he was found in a park wearing high heels ,carrying a large wooden stick and handing out candy to children.


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Cross Dressing Car Thief

People in Milwaukee be on the look out for a cross dressing car thief. The man in his 20’s loves nothing better than stealing cars and leading police on high-speed chases while dressed in women’s clothing and make-up.


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Harry Potter Has A Lot To Answer For



OMG, it’s more like Little House on the Prairie than Harry Potter inspired, but this latest craze to hit Tokyo, of men wearing skirts and dresses, have raised more than a few chopsticks. OK, they call themselves  “the skirt boys” or “skirt tribe” but let’s face it, it seems more like  a trendy excuse for cross dressing (not that there is anything wrong with that). Hmm, one skirt boy who was asked what was the difference said “Cross-dressers are people who want to be girls. I’m not wearing this because it’s what girls wear, but because I like the line and the texture of the material.”  Hmm? Anywho the skirt boys say the look is inspired by the Harry Potter’s robes and not some dress wearing fetish.


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