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What Are The Odds

OMG, every man’s worst nightmare happened at a woodchopping event Christchurch, New Zealand when an axehead flew off the shaft and right into a spectator’s crotch! Ouch!


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Flip Flop to the Crotch!

You know what I hate? When you get in a big old  argument with your hubby about those doing  the shopping and in your rage  you  chuck your flip flop at his penis and then YOU to end up  being  arrested for battery. I really friggin hate that! Not a good look on the resume either !

Want sauce with that?


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Granny Kicks Pumpkin Head in The Balls


If you waltz into 88 year old Kathryn Byassee’s Kentucky home without so much as a hello, expect a kick in the balls. When Ms Byassee walked into her kitchen at 5 am she was confronted by an intruder wearing a pumpkin mask. As he wrestled her into the bedroom and tried to smother her with a pillow she gave him one almighty kick in the crotch. That’s a monster mash right there! Police are now looking for a seriously embarrassed pumpkin with a limp.


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So Honey, I’m Guessing No Dinner?

OK, here’s the thing Dale Morris, whacking your hubby with a crowbar in the balls will get you an aggravated assault, simple assault and reckless endangerment charge for sure. Evidently the incident was sparked by a note left by her husband. When he arrived home he was welcomed with a crowbar to the crotch and head. Sheez, I wonder what the note said?


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You Need Balls Of Steel To Work At Home Depot

Hmm, I am thinking the last thing you would want is your testicles twisted by Robin Roberts. Ms Roberts, a suspected shoplifter, allegedly had a confrontation with a Home Depot security guard before twisting his testicles and then pulling a knife on him. The guard had confronted her over several items believed to have been lifted from the store. At some stage during their tussle another man joined in before fleeing. The guard was eventually able to cuff Roberts but then had to ring the Dallas Fire and Rescue after she suffered an asthma attack.


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Money Making Venture From Hell!

No I don't have change for a 10!

No I don't have change for a 10!

Ever wanted to kick someone in the crotch? Well if you lived anywhere near Triangle Center in Longview you could have had the opportunity, be it a brief one.A 23 year old man came up with a painful way to make money by inviting people to kick him in the balls for $5 a shot. He even made himself a little sign. But after one customer took up the offer, police were quick to send him on his way.Ooh and do you want to  know the crusher? The man discounted the kick to $3 because it was a woman! Evidently the same money making scheme was tried by a Canadian man in 2007 but ended in complete failure after a woman kicked him repeatedly.

Psst Hmm, I wonder if his girlfriend might be interested in an eco friendly vibrator ?


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