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cat 3When your neighbour’s pussycat gets stuck up a 40ft tree for 12 hours and you can’t afford the cost of an animal rescue service why wouldn’t you set up a crowd funding campaign. Four hours later and $205 raised, Boots, the orange tabby, is now back on solid ground. Sleep easy animal lovers, one less cat to worry about.


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A Bag With Balls

Scrote toteLook away Loons, this can’t be unseen. Introducing the Scrote-n-Tote bag. Yes, a backpack that looks like a scrotum. I know, I know  …why? Seems having a big hairy ball sack on your back is kinda cool. The designer is currently using crowd funding to get this to market.



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1st World Funding

Some Alabama dude used Crowd Funding to raise $10 so he could buy himself some McChicken nuggets. He also wanted to highlight how the “fund me” sites are being used for stupid thing by stupid people.

PSST He got his chicken nuggets. just in case you were wondering


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Go Fund The Victim’s Families

OMG, nothing could be worse than being a relative of a mass murderer BUT when you try to use CrowdFunding to pay for your ruined wedding a line has been leapt over. Amber Roof, the sister of the man who cold bloodily murdered nine people  in Charleston, has set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for her dream wedding and honeymoon. She is blaming the media for ruining everything (no mention of her brother) after they published details of her wedding which was to take place 4 days after her brother walked into a church, mingled with a bible study group before shooting them.

UPDATE : After a backlash the funding page has been taken down.


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