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Who Knew Fallen Trees Can Stand Back Up?

This I didn’t know. Beware loons if you came across a fallen tree. Evidently, they can spring back up and crush you, like some horror movie. Who friggin knew? A kid in Queensland is lucky to be alive after he was playing around a fallen tree when it sprang back up and crushed him under its roots. Fortunately, his quick thinking family members were able to use nearby vehicles and chains to lift the tree. He’s OK but had to nurse broken ribs and femur, two collapsed lungs and a squashed heart. Luckily, if a tree falls in Queensland you can hear a scream!

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No, This Isn’t About The Wicked Witch Of The West

I don't know, something about stumps, legs and a friggin house.

You know what I hate? When a friggin house falls on you. I really friggin hate that. Ron Vollebregt is lucky to be alive when a house in Melbourne, which was being restumped, slid off its foundations and landed right on top of him. The owners of the house were still inside the house when the accident happened. Mr Vollebregt is currently in hospital with crushed legs.


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Crushing Blow For Escapee

OK, here’s the thing jail escapee, don’t be using a garbage truck compactor for your getaway, you’ll end up crushed and in landfill. The body of Carlos Roberto Medina-Bailon was found in a Texas landfill after he used the garbage disposal system in an El Paso jail to make his escape. He hid in a dumpster until the garbage truck arrived. Hmm, you can pretty much guess the rest. Compactor 1, escapee 0.


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Death by Jelly Bean Machine

Ewh ah, a factory worked has been slowly crushed to death after he jumped into a jelly bean machine without turning it off to investigate a problem. It is believed Martin Pejril, originally from Czechoslovakia, could hardly speak (or understand) English. The machine in Britain’s largest confectionery company was notorious for getting jammed but a series of blunders led to the tragic death (starting with not turning the damn thing off). After Mr Pejril jumped into the machine it re-started after a few seconds however another worker who realized he was inside the machine tried to help but pressed the wrong button. Mr Pejril was crushed between two large heavy rotary arms. Despite there being a large warning sign over the machine Tangerine Confectionery were fined £300,000 for breaching health and safety laws.


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