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Man Slaps Toddler On Plane

Passenger slaps baby on plane


I know screaming kids on  planes are worse than snakes but mister there is no need to tell the mother of a toddler to  “shut that ni**er baby up,” and then slap the kid. Just saying. Evidently the 19 month old let rip (which on occasions I have been known to do – ears, my goddam ears) as the plane began its decent to Atlanta. The man seated next to the mother began getting agitated by the crying ,flew into a racist rant and then leaned across and slapped him with an open hand. Yep, that’s an assault charge right there. Hmm and here I thought they stopped allowing nuts on planes.

Psst Lucky the toddler wasn’t kicking the back of his chair or it might have been a blood bath.


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Nymphomaniac Makes A Man Cry

A man in Germany was found crying his little heart out on the streets after he had spent 36 hours with a nymphomaniac. The poor man begged for help, saying he couldn’t walk.  Hmm, show some balls man!  The notorious nympho, who had been arrested before for forcing a random into continual sex, tried to convince the two arresting policemen to have a quickie before being taken away.


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North Koreans Cry A Taedong River

Despite millions and millions of North Koreans starving under Kim Jong Il’s dictatorship they could still spare a wail or two for the despot. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is holding its collective breath hoping that Kimmy’s son Kim Jong Un isn’t planning to big note himself by letting one of his nukes rip.

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It’s Only A Baby!

Imagine, you go out for a romantic meal with your girlfriend when a baby starts crying at the table next to you. Thirty minutes later it’s still crying. So you tell the parents that the baby is probably tired and irritable because its 10 o’clock at night and it might help by taking it outside for awhile. As a thank you the baby’s father grabs your bottle of wine from the ice bucket and smashes it over your head. Brilliant! That’s two and five 5 months jail right there Billy West.

Want sauce with that?


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Crocodile Tears

Oh for crying out loud Gillard you aren’t fooling anyone. A few days ago the Prime Minister of Australia  admitted she lacked empathy, next thing you know she is springing tears in parliament for a 13 year old and a helicopter pilot who were both heroes of the  Queensland flood .  On and on it went, and judging by the people behind her, they weren’t buying it either…..

Psst If she felt so strongly, she should have been at the funeral supporting the family, not using his selfless sacrifice to earn herself brownie points and sympathy.


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FarmVille Murder

Never, ever interrupt a mother while she is playing Farmville on Facebook, that’s a killing. Alexandra Tobias faces life in prison after allegedly shaking her three month old son to death for interrupting her virtual farm game. It all started when baby Dylan began crying during a session of FarmVille and she shook him to shut him up. A little while later the family dog knocked the tyke off the couch and the screaming started again. This time Tobias shook him until he stopped breathing. She later told police Dylan’s head “could have” hit the computer while she was shaking him.  Urgh, a fail as a farmer and a mother, that’s definitely a defriending.


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OK, here’s the thing administrators at the Byron Nelson High School in Texas, you might want to do a course in tact before suspending a 16 year old boy for three days because he had bloodshot eyes  and looked like he’d been smoking dope. Turns out the snowflake was simply upset because his dad had been friggin murdered on the weekend.  The boy had begged his mom to let him go to school  so he could be with his friends but before going to class he had to go to the office to get a tardy slip. Big mistake. To make matters worse, despite his mom explaining the situation to the school she had to have him drug tested before he was allowed to return. Of course the results were negative.The boy’s mom who is more than miffed said “We had other things to do this week than worry about a three day window for an appeal, a two hour window for a drug test and my son’s reputation and high school career,”


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Friggin Mean Girls

It'll help sell her story at least

Hey, can you quit picking on her ladies, Lindsay’s not coping very well, OK.Seems Ms Lohan was placed in isolation after having a mini meltdown at the LA jail. Having kept the women up all night with her constant crying and wailing they decided to chant “fire crotch” at Lindsay, which kinda spun her into a hysterical fit. Sheez, this is proving harder than being on Wife Swap!

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It Always Ends in Tears

These new age sensitive bank robbers have got to toughen up for goodness sakes! The “Doom and Gloom” bandit entered the Santa Barbara Bank & Trust handed over a note and threatened to kill people, before leaving in a flood of tears, despite the fact he had a bag full of money. Geez, what do you want, a friggin medal of valor? Friggin sook! Serves him right if the red dye explodes all over him!

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Houston We Have a Loser

Robber gets punched, handcuffed and tasered before police arriveNot only did Tracy Armstead botch a subway robbery he got himself a knuckle sandwich from a girl for his troubles. Tracy went into the Subway store with intend to rob it and he nearly did, if he had only chosen a night that Yava Matthews wasn’t on. As he went to grab the money from the register Yava whacked him, he fell backwards with the cash drawer but before he could get to the door, Yava had jumped the counter and literally jumped  him. OK, now here is where it gets downright weird. As they were rolling around the floor, Yava yells to the onlookers “give me something”. Next thing she is passed a pair of handcuffs (hooker maybe?). After Armstead is all nicely restrained someone then handed her  a taser (WTF). So she tasers poor Armstead (by this stage even I’m feeling sorry for him). Despite him begging “I can’t breathe” Yava tells him  ‘If you can talk to me, you can breathe’ (man, even dissed!). It was about this time Armstead begins to cry. Even after 15 police cars rock up, Yava was reluctant to get off the weeping Armstead. Employee of the Month is looking good Yava!


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