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Team Crystal vs Team Lee

Yeah, yeah I know most of you Loons scoff at my fascination and fixation with American Idol but you will all be put out of your misery real soon. Tomorrow/today ( or whatever friggin time zone you are in) either Crystal or Lee will be walking away with a recording contract. I have issues with Lee’s sullen attitude, which borders on that friggin Y-Gen/X-Gen thingie,  but I love his single that has been circulating around YouTube. As for Crystal, despite that big friggin tattoo on her back I’ll definitely be buying her CD’s win or lose.  So I thought I would post two songs that have been quietly making a rumble on Youtube, Crystal Bowersox’s Holy Toledo and Lee Dewyze’s Annabel. Good luck!


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Crystal Bowersox, Get Her Off The Show

OK loons, you know I love watching Idol, I back anything that gives young hopefuls a chance to break into the recording industry (even if it means selling their soul). But if Idol had any smarts they would get Crystal off the damn show and straight into a recording studio ASAP. She is a gem who doesn’t need to have this show whacked on her resume. She is vulnerable, talented and also quite ill (diabetes). She hasn’t got anything more to prove, save us the agony and just give her a recording contract already!


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