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Hugh Finally Marries Crystal

Hugh Hefner marries Crystal HarrisWell, after a shock breakup in 2011, Hugh Hefner (86) finally put a ring on Crystal Harris’ (26) finger. Following the private ceremony, the glowing bride later zipped off to her computer to change her name on all her social networking sites to Crystal Hefner. Fingers crossed for the wedding night, as Crystal once admitted she had only slept with Hefner once and it lasted “like two seconds”.

Psst Lets just hope the marriage lasts longer than Hugh and lets hope Hugh lives another 20 years.


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Tips On How To Snare A Sugar Daddy

Dear god, as if it wasn’t embarrassing enough dating 86 year old Hugh Hefner, now the 26 year old former Playboy bunny Crystal Harris is giving tits tips on how to snag a granddad for your very own. Sweetie, honey, darl, it wouldn’t take much, they will take whatever they can get at friggin 86.

Want sauce with that?


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The Wedding Is Off!!!

OMG, shock , horror. Hugh Hefner (85) and his fiancee (25) have called it quits days before the big wedding. Hugh and Crystal Harris have announced THE WEDDING IS OFF after having a big old row. Hmm, sheez, I wonder what they were fighting over? Well, this means only one thing girls, Hugh’s back on the market, yah!

Psst Crystal Harris has moved out of the mansion and is believed to now be dating Dr Phil’s son (that’s friggin quick). How’s that working for you? Creepy, isn’t it!


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Marriage Number 3 For Hugh Hefner

A big shout out to Hugh Hefner on his engagement to 23 year old Playboy Playmate Crystal Harris. How does he friggin do it? The 84 year old proposed on Christmas eve and was evidently met with a teary “yes”. I bet her parents can’t wait!

Psst Hmm, is there such a thing as a great great grandfather complex?


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