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Adding Salt To The Wound

jail-5Um, yeah about your four months in jail…we bad? An Aussie man jailed for four months after being caught with crystal meth has been released with no charge after it was discovered the “drug” was actually Epsom salt. Well, they took there sweet time having it analysed, now didn’t they?

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Baby Dies In Washing Machine

OMG, a ten day old baby girl has been found dead after her mom put her in a washing machine and she went through the entire spin cycle (over 40 minutes). The baby was discovered by a relative who found Lyndsey Fiddler passed out on the couch , the baby missing and the washing machine making a strange banging noise. Oklahoma police suspect Fiddler was taking crystal meth when Maggie May was placed in the machine with a pile of clothes.  Fiddler has been charged with second degree manslaughter. Sadly, family members of Fiddler had tried unsuccessfully to have parental rights revoked before she gave birth to Maggie May.


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Family Guy on Crystal Meth

Here’s one good reason not to take crystal meth. If it does this to cartoon characters imagine what it does to real people!

Psst Blahahaha, it’s just a Care Bear!

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