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Buy It If You Dare

WTF was that?

Forget Amityville, forget Salem’s Lot, we have a new scary house on the block and it’s on the market. Yay! It sits on the ridge in the Hollywood Hills with the greatest view of the Hollywood sign and it’s either haunted or cursed (take your pick). So far the 1995 mansion has had two owners but no occupants, oh unless you call the squatters, gangs and crackheads who have frequently it while it’s been empty, occupants! But don’t you fear potential buyers, it now has a 24 hour guard and all the windows and doors are nailed shut. For a cool $15,200,000 , 2450 Solar Drive could be all yours including the rumored ghosts, aliens and crackheads. OK, no one really knows what the hell is wrong with the house, all they know is it’s friggin freaky.

Psst Click here if you are thinking of buying!

Want sauce with that?


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Tax Free Witches

I'll get you my pretty and your dog too!!!

Well, well, well, those a scaredy cat then? Fortune tellers and witches in Romania can breathe  sigh of relief after politicians failed to pass a law forcing them to have to pay taxes. Seems the senators were scared shitless they would be cursed if they forced them to produce receipts, let alone make them accountable if their predictions proved crap.

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Cursed Phone Number

You rang?

Forget the friggin Amityville house for one sec people, we now have a friggin cursed phone number. The mobile phone company Mobitel have suspended the 0888 888 888 number after every single person allocated it has died in the last 10 years. Of course you want all the juicy details right? OK, the first victim to die was Vladimir Grashnov (The CEO of the Bulgarian company Mobitel which issued the friggin number in the first place). He died of cancer in 2001 aged 48. The number was then passed onto Bulgarian mafia boss, Konstantin Dimitrov (31) ,who was gunned down in 2003 while visiting his £500 million drug smuggling empire in the Netherlands. Yes people, he had the phone on him at the time! Then  finally Konstantin Dishliev, a crooked real estate agent, received the number and kaboom. He too got gunned down during a police raid on his £130 million drug smuggling operation in 2005. The phone number lay dormant during the police investigation but it is now believed to have removed  from circulation altogether. Hmm, suppose it’s a good thing but if the police were smart they would work in cahoots with the phone company and continue to give the number to druglords. That should rid the world of the scums in no time.

Psst Hmm, maybe someone could slip Christopher “Dudus” Coke a phone with the number on it?

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Who You Gonna Call?

Sorry sir, we can't help you!

OK here’s the thing Haitians living in Delray Beach, if you call 911 because of voodoo spells, the police can’t friggin help you sorry! Sheez people, you’ll just have to deal with it yourself. With 10% of population being Haitian, Delray Beach police are now getting use to the occasional “crap, I’ve been cursed” phone calls. Unfortunately they ain’t no “ghost” busters and can only offer them a sympathetic ear (or a dead chicken!).

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