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Starbuck humour fail

When a Starbucks employee wrote a little quip on a customer’s receipt it kinda went down like a cup of cold sick. Seems diabetic jokes are a no no. Which just makes me think I would SO go to a cafe where the receipts had weird inappropriate messages. Yep, and call it Tea Bagged.starbucks



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Laxative Prank Backfires

OK, here’s the thing Family Dollar Store employees. Lacing two bottles of Coke with laxatives to catch out a fellow employee you suspect of stealing food from the staff refrigerator is kinda of stupid. But when the intended victim sees the tablets floating in the bottles and places them in the store cooler where a customer buys one, that’s when the sh*t really hits the fan (literally). The middle aged woman, who bought the tainted Coke, only drank a little of the soda before spying the 25 laxative tablets floating in it. When she returned to the store to complain she became violently ill and was rushed to hospital. After the woman was finally released the company contacted her and said they would give her a $200 gift voucher which she said “was like we were playing ‘The Price is Right’ or something.”


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You Telling Me Sushi Not Cooked?

OK, here’s the thing. Never, ever query the food at the upscale Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar in Florida unless, of course, you want the owner to shoot at you. I’m just saying. Some poor customer had the audacity to complain about his meal and well, then it got ugly. The customer first suffered a mouthful from the owner and staff before being told to leave. When he and his friend got into their car , the staff began banging on it, before the owner shot at them…twice. The owner’s nephew defended his uncle’s actions “My uncle, the owner of that restaurant, was just protecting his property and making sure nobody was just coming in, getting free sushi, complaining about it, walking out,” Hmm, looks like they ain’t in Kansas anymore !!!


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Can I Have Some Irony With That?

A  customer eating at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas has had….wait for it…a heart attack while eating a “triple bypass burger”. Walk away nothing more to see here.

Psst Sheez, lucky he didn’t order Flatliner Fries with that!


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Bad Bank Deposit

Get it off me!!!

Don’t you hate disgruntled customers, especially when they urinate in the tube at a bank drive through and you get covered in pee. Evidently a male cutomer who was angry that he couldn’t purchase a money order, sort revenge by pissing in the bank tube. A short time later another customer pulled up to the same drive through lane and yep, she picked up the tube and the pee spilled into her car and onto her. Well, that stinks!


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Step Away From The Yoghurt

Ewh, ewh, ewh, Anthony Garcia, a grocery worker, has admitted he put his semen on a spoon before placing it in  a sample yoghurt then offering it to a female customer. The poor victim immediately spat out the offending food and police were able to link Mr Garcia’s DNA from what they had collected from the floor. Hmm, that would kind of put you off dairy for friggin ever!!!

Want sauce with that?


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Go Get Forked

Oh for goodness sakes give Shannon Hall a break, the poor thing was arrested after  trying to eat her Denny’s meal in peace when some inconsiderate man answered his cell phone and began talking loudly and swearing in a booth next to her. Come on people,  wouldn’t you throw a utensil at him too?


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You Might Want To Watch Your Back?

OK, here’s the thing mister bank robber, you might want to check those behind you when you decide to hold up a bank in future. Victor Fernandes was focusing on the job at hand when he demanded money from a Wells Fargo teller not realizing behind him was a 6ft2″, 19stone, Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer, Kim Komenich. When Fernandes shouted ‘Give me your money.’ Komenich grabbed him from behind and kept him in a bear hug until police arrived. Well that was some anti climax!


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What do you do when you have to wait too long for your McDonalds order? Hmm, well if you are a customer of the South Brunswick store, you crawl through the Maccas drive through and slap the employee for being too slow. That’s what you do! The slapper was last seen leaving the restaurant with a fish fillet sandwich.


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