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Snooze At IKEA

Chinese IKEA allows sleeping on display bedsIKEA’s big mistake. Seems the staff at the Chinese IKEA stores have extra duties ever since management decided to allow people to sleep on their display beds. Now the poor staff have to change the sheets once a day.

Psst I wonder if they have to assemble them first?


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Tesco Ban PJ Wearers

Bob felt lonely and isolated after being banned

Geez, is nothing sacred? Seems Tesco are banning people from shopping at their stores if they happen to be in their PJs. BUT WHY OH WHY? Well, it seems some precious shoppers felt uncomfortable and embarrassed by the state of some people’s night attire. Oh and the first victim of the “No Pyjama” rule, Elaine Carmody who was escorted out by security said “I’ve got lovely pairs of pyjamas, with bears and penguins on them. I’ve worn my best ones today, just so I look tidy.” See shoppers, jammie wearers are human too!

Psst Geez, first the PJs then the Snuggies when will it all end?


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