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There’s gold in them there hills!

How far would you go to avoid paying import tax? Well, eight South Koreans have been caught smuggling gold up their butts. Japanese custom officials caught the men on their second trip to Japan, where they were attempting to offload their valuable cargo tax free. Sheez, lucky it doesn’t rust!


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Multi Tasking Smuggler

Where the hell are we?

Oh, for the love of god, who the hell would attempt to smuggle 300 tortoises into Kuala Lumpur International airport. Sheez don’t they have the death penalty for that?  But Loons, all the tortoises were endangered and once living in Madagascar. Oh but wait, there is more, customs officials also discovered about 2kg of cannabis in his luggage. Oh yeah, a multi tasking smuggler! Evidently the man high tailed it out of the airport after seeing customs officials screening his luggage. Hmm, 300 tortoises? That would be one hell of mess in that suitcase!!!!


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Welcome To Darwin

Whoopsie, the Darwin customs officers would like to apologize to the man who spent three nights in jail for bringing friggin shampoo and conditioner into Australia. Neil Parry was arrested at the Darwin Airport on Friday after a test of his toiletries indicated it contained 1.6 kg of MDMA (aka Ecstasy). $10,000 surety, a search of his boat and his mates houses later, it was discovered it was all a big boo-boo. Awkward.


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Don’t Sniff The Roses!

They make me feel so happy!!!

Bless, oh our little Columbian drug smugglers have been at it again, trying to out fox  customs… will they ever learn? This time our sneaky little cartel hid 4kg of cocaine among 20,000 long stem roses, destination Netherlands, in a Valentine’s Day rouse. Dumbasses thought the scent of  roses would confuse the drug pooches!

Psst Now there’s a bouquet guaranteed to give you sinus troubles!


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Your Worst Nightmare

Ooh lookie what UK customs  found in a Christmas parcel…. a friggin Kris Kringle Krueger care pack!


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