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RIP J Paul Getty III

Remember the grandson of oil magnate J Paul Getty? You know, the one who lost an ear during a kidnapping in 1973. Come on people,  dig deep. The 16 year old was in Rome when he got napped and the family procrastinated on paying the ransom because they thought it was just him trying to squeeze money out of his tight assed grandpa. Later the kidnappers sent a lock of the young Getty’s hair and one of his ears to a newspaper to prove it wasn’t no hoax. Ring any bells? Gramps eventually coughed up $2.8 million in ransom money but told his son the money was a loan and expected it paid back to him at 4% interest. J Paul Getty III was later found frail and shivering on a highway 5 months after having been kidnapped. The experience left the young man traumatized and he eventually fell into cocaine and heroin addiction. In 1981 he had a massive stroke which left him paralyzed and in need of around the clock care.This time daddy (who had inherited Getty seniors wealth following his death in 1976) refused to pay the medical bills and it was a judge who finally forced the wealthy father to cough up.J Paul Getty the “golden hippie” died on saturday surrounded by family in England, he was only 54.RIP.


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