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Is Thomas Hayne Cutbush Jack The Ripper?

Who is Thomas Hayne Cutbush you may well ask? Well he was the nephew of a Scotland Yard superintendent and the prime suspect in the Jack the Ripper case (3 April 1888 to 13 February 1891). Call him psychopath, call him mentally ill the guy was a scary freak that even his family believed could have been Jack.Reason? Because he stayed up all night prowling the streets of London and would come home covered in mud and blood (hello!).Oh and I forgot, he loved reading medical books. So why, pray tell, am I telling you all this? Well wouldn’t you know it, Broadmoor Britain’s first criminal asylum has just opened up its 1,500 case files to the public and that includes Cutbush’s. Under the Freedom of Information legislation the asylum could no longer hide the inmates personal info from the public (well the 100 year old files at least). Ooh, criminally insane file means quality reading for hundreds of authors looking for fresh fodder (yay). So I guess the most popular file (20 documents) is that of Thomas Hayne Cutbush. Already one of the Cutbush’s documents has unearthed some interesting facts describing him as having “brilliant blue eyes” and a “limp” just as an eyewitness had described to police. Another mentions Cutbush’s psycho rants which included how he would “rip” the staff open with a knife (little charmer). Despite initially being the prime suspect he was later committed and removed from the Ripper list because he was related to someone in Scotland Yard (in other words cover-up).The superintendent later killed himself when a newspaper released the name of his nephew to the public. Interestingly the Broadmoor files include other Ripper suspects such as James Kelly so don’t be surprised if you see a tsunami of Jack the Ripper theories and books real soon. Oh and if you want to do a little investigative work on Jack and 1499 other inmates of Broadmoor Asylum click here Berkshire Record Office. Knock yourself out.


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