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Clean Freak Chameleon

Oh my lord, a clean freak chameleon washing his hands. Hmm, or is he just trying to climb water….which in that case would make him a dumbass chameleon.



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Obama Talks Marriage Without TOTUS

Oh my, it seems TOTUS-less Obama is finding it hard to articulate now, especially when it comes to talking about his marriage. I’m sure some of Obama’s relis weren’t overly impressed with his comments to reporters that he married his ‘cute’ wife to improve his ‘gene pool’. For the love of god can someone please return his friggin teleprompter ASAP!!!

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Penguin Giggle

This is what happens when you tickle a penguin. Dear god, make it stop….


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And This Little Piggy

Those friggin Al Qaeda swines , how dare they use  a cute  adorable piglet with red wellies to cyber attack the US.


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