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Third Testicle

coughJust a little word of warning female cycle enthusiasts…beware of the third testicle. Seems riders can develop a cyclist’s nodule which takes on the form similar to a male testicle. A South African female rider who complained of a painful mass was diagnosed with it. She was treated with steroids and changed her bicycle seat.


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Warning To Slow Moving Cyclists

It seems when it comes to slow moving men on push bikes on  small country lanes, Gloucestershire women in Lycra have very little tolerance, especially when stuck behind them in their cars. The fact that she was able to jog up to the fool and lay in to him, indicates he was going at a snail’s pace and probably deserved a little tongue whipping. Unfortunately the Gloucestershire police don’t seem to see it the same way and are wanting the pair to come forward. I’m guessing the kung fu kicking and slapping went a little too far!


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