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Look What The Cyclone Dragged In




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I’ll Take Hurricane Sandy and Raise You Cyclone Narelle

Holy mother of all beers, look at what is is heading our way. Cyclone….run. Yes, as if 9 days straight of 40 degree (105 f) heat wasn’t bad enough we are about to get hit by a figgin  cyclone. This photo was taken by Sam Woodcock yesterday as cyclone Narelle closes in on the coast. See Bearman, I told you WA beer aint weak as piss!!!!

Cyclone Narelle about to hit WA


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Whatever You Do, Don’t Mention The War!

Um yeah, about that ride. When considering naming a carnival ride, I would probably avoid the name “The Zyklon” as Zyklon B was the name of the gas used by the Nazis to kill millions of Jews during the Holocaust. I’m just saying! Sure it is also German for cyclone but many South Florida residents don’t see it that way. One Holocaust survivor said “Of all the names in the world, why do they need to name rides that? It’s upsetting to me to come across that, as a survivor. I lost my whole family in the gas chambers, particularly in Auschwitz.”
That word isn’t new to controversy in the US, a few years back  a company tried to trademark the name Zyklon for appliances they were selling, which included gas ovens.


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Potential Cyclone Yasi Victim

OMG, look what Cyclone Yasi’s dragged in…Dear god, I hope those winds don’t pick up his tower and hurl it out to sea!

No wait there’s more ….

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