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You Are Never Too Old

No dad, NO!!!!!! Every kids nightmare just became this man’s. Pro boxer, Conor Benn, had just kaboomed his opponent to score his first professional knockout when ….. OMG, his daddy (former boxer Nigel Benn) jumped into the ring and planted a serious of kisses on his stunned son. One in particular looked seriously awks.



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Father Mimicks Daughter

How many years of therapy is ahead for this girl? Ahh, the good old days when family teasing was part of life.


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Daughter Uses Dad As Target Practice

My bad?

Sheez, they breed them tough in Washington State. A 15 year old girl who was banned from using her cell phone responded by allegedly shooting her dad with a hunting bow. That’s what you get for taking away the phone and grounding her. Poor guy had to drive himself to the nearest neighbor with an arrow in his torso because his daughter wouldn’t let him ring for an ambulance. Hmm, Christmas may suck this year!


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The Towel Horn

OMG, I am assuming the kid doesn’t have a clue what he is making….nice one dad. Friggin towel horn head!


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Little Snowflake Arrested For Throwing Toy Gun

Well little snowflakes take heed, a 11 year old girl who threw a toy gun at her father has been charged with domestic violence. Yes indeedy, the girl who had been fighting with her younger brother over a chair kaboomed her dad in the head with the gun after being sent to her room. Hell yes there was blood and a laceration. That will be a date in juvenile court for you young missy.

Psst I wouldn’t be holding your breath for a decent Father’s Day prezzie.


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Sleep With One Eye Open

OMG, a Tasmanian judge Robert Benjamin has ordered two young girls to spend weekends with their father, despite the fact he is a sex offender. The judge conceded that they would probably need protection at night so has requested the father put locks on the girl’s bedroom. The girls, aged eight and ten, must share the same room at night for added protection and an “adult friend” must also be present. The judge believes that the sexual abuse risk is “diminished when they are awake and alert”. Daddy was convicted of three child pornography offences in 2007 and the Family Court also found he had asked one of the girls to join him in bed and had “demonstrated affection toward her in a way that was, in all the circumstances, inappropriate for a child of that age”. Great, and who takes  responsibility if anything happens to one of those girls?


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