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Sprung At The Bus Stop

Nothing worse than being secretly filmed getting jiggy with it  at a bus stop  and then becoming an internet sensation ….

Psst Awesome kung foo hand jive move


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Dance Cocky, Dance

Having been inspired by a Gangnam Style cockatoo dancing on Facebook I did a little research and discovered there is a whole friggin flock of them …


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Naked Dancing Dude

Intruder found dancing naked inside houseYou know what I hate? When you come home and find some dude dancing naked in your house . I really friggin hate that, especially when he refuses to leave. When El Paso cops arrived they found the intruder still inside but he had quit dancing and was just lying on the bed starkers. Oh why, oh why didn’t they report what kind of dance he was doing, so I could get the full picture in my head? Now all I see is a naked man dancing like Ellen .


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Two year Old Busts Some Moves

Hmm, are you sure he is dancing  and not just filling his nappy?

Psst Blame this one on Fairy Face!!!


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Gorilla With All The Moves

Hey, the eighties rang and they want their dance moves back! Zola an 8 year old gorilla has been bustin’ breakdance moves in his favorite puddle at the Calgary Zoo. No one knows how he learned the moves but odds are it was from when he was living at the  Bronx Zoo.


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Dancing Santa

That sure ain’t jingle bells he’s dancing to ….. Santa should say NO to drugs.


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Bon Jovi Baby

Just what the world needs, another head banging baby…ROCK N’ ROLL!!!!

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Dance Fail

Oh dear lord  look what happens when Susi Spice teachers Zumba ….


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Reason Not To Dance On A Road

The best shot of a man being hit by an ice cream truck you are going to see all day.


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I Will Survive

An Australian Jewish woman,  Jane Korman, who posted a vid of her family singing and dancing to “I will survive” at the Auschwitz death camp has caused  mini outrage. Now normally I’d poo-poo such behavior but considering her 89 year old father (who features in the video) is an Auschwitz survivor, I say you go for it. No one but those who suffered at the hands of the Nazis could fully understand the nightmare that they endured, so if a little  singing and dancing alleviates a little of the pain so be it. Adolek Kohn was only a child when he was rounded up by the Nazis and taken to the camp where most of his family died in the notorious gas chamber. His daughter says it’s a celebration of survival  and not a mark of disrespect.

Psst Hitler would be rolling around in his grave if he saw this!!! Good!


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