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Death Between The Lines

Step away from your snowflakes drawing…. it could be deadly. Seems China is trying to kill us through asbestos contaminated crayons. Hmm, here’s a question…why aren’t these products tested before they go on the market? Oh yeah, because they wouldn’t be cheap then. The killer crayons are disguised in Peppa Pig, Dora the Explorer and Mickey Mouse packaging.

Want source with that? 


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Even Electronic Smoking Can Kill

OMG, warning people, be careful when puffing on an electronic cigarette. A man has had his teeth blown out after the device’s battery exploded. The cig is suppose to simulate smoking by producing a safe vapor that has no odor or residue. The Florida man had been using the electronic cigarette for several years after he began suffering lung problems. Authorities are not sure exactly what went on but the battery went kaboom after having a puff, taking out his teeth , part of his tongue and setting his study on fire. Whatever you do don’t smoke!


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Licorice Can Kill

Step away from the black licorice loons. The Food and Drug Administration are claiming that glycyrrhizin used to sweeten licorice can seriously mess with your heart if you eat too much. Heart palpitations, heart attacks and not to mention seriously black teeth can be a direct result of over indulging. That thing called Glycyrrhizin causes the kidneys to excrete potassium, leaving your body with lower levels of it, which will make your heart skip a beat or pound harder than a heavy metal drummer. Either way just put down those licorice allsorts  and have a Coke!


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Sleep With One Eye Open Ohio

Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my. We not in Kansas anymore folks. Nope, we’re in Ohio where people have been warned to run for their lives if they come across an exotic or dangerous animal after the owner of a preserve was found dead. Evidently Terry Thompson had  let all his animals loose before killing himself creating a real life Jumanji. Sadly police were forced to shoot many of the animals, including Bengal tigers but were still combing the area in night vision goggles looking for more lions, tigers, leopards, a giraffe, several monkeys and grizzly bears.


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Fish Pedicures Can Spread Nasty Diseases

No need to freak you out loons, but you know those trendy fish pedicures? Well, evidently they can spread HIV and Hep C. Hmm, see ya nibbling foot fad! Seems those friggin tiny garra rufa fish that suck on your tootsies can spread infections and bacteria, especially to people with diabetes or weak immune systems. Despite a very low risk, clients who have HIV and bleed  in the spa water can unknowingly transmit the disease. Seriously? Higher chance of being killed by a falling chunk of satellite me thinks! As you were Loons, as you were.

Psst Does no one care what nasty diseases those poor little fishies could catch? Tinea for starters!!! Get PETA on the phone.


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Synthetic Perfumes Stink

Don't know, we think it could be the Old Spice?

No need to panic people but that perfume you’re wearing could be toxic.Yep, seems all the nasty chemicals added to perfume and cologne don’t necessarily appear on  the label. Trade secret and all, you understand. Dear god, some of the side effects of splashing yourself with perfume include allergic reactions, hormone disruption and sperm damage. When Analytical Sciences tested 17 popular fragrances including Chanel and Armani they found 40 chemicals, of which only two were listed.

Want sauce with that?


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Three Komodo Dragons You Say?

OK people, feet up, three Komodo dragons have gone AWOL from an Indonesia zoo. These creatures are friggin vicious, deadly and run faster than Carl Lewis. Hello, toxic bacteria in their saliva!!!! Their friggin poison glands can knock you down like a ton of bricks and while you are in spasm on the ground paralyzed, they will feast on you. So if you see one it’s probably too late.


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The Mother Of All Cyclones

Batten down the hatches Queensland you are about to get the mother of all cyclones. I don’t know what you did to piss off the weather gods off but it seems they aren’t quite finished with you just yet. Cyclone Yasi is coming straight for you and it’s so friggin big even the weather people are saying WTF,  and they never say WTF! Authorities are telling  everyone to get the hell out of there NOW. They predict it will be a category 5 howler with winds of up to 320km. The friggin thing is 500km wide and building up force as we speak. Towns from Cooktown to Townsville are on red alert. It is predicted it will be the biggest cyclone to hit Australia in living memory. The cyclone is expected to hit the coast at around 9pm Wednesday (tomorrow).

Psst To all Queenslanders, our thoughts and prays are with you.


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Caffeine Powder Warning

A little community service announcement to people buying caffeine powder, follow the instructions or die. A British man unfortunately didn’t, he died after downing two spoonfuls of caffeine powder with an energy drink at a party (equivalent to  drinking 70 cans of Red Bull). Fifteen minutes after taking it he was upchunking blood and sweating profusely. The packet was purchased online for $5.38 and warned users (in small print) not to take more than a sixteenth of a teaspoon. Sheez, when’s that trip to Mars?


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Does Your Mother Know?

Introducing Marisol Valles the bravest friggin 20 year old in Mexico. The criminology student has just been named the police chief of the drug plagued town of Guadalupe located near the US border because nobody else wanted the friggin job. Last week alone there was 8 murders in the town which only has a population of 10,000. The mayor was murdered in June and lets not forget to mention the numerous police and security guards who’ve been beheaded this year. Good luck with that Honey!


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