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Licorice Can Kill

Step away from the black licorice loons. The Food and Drug Administration are claiming that glycyrrhizin used to sweeten licorice can seriously mess with your heart if you eat too much. Heart palpitations, heart attacks and not to mention seriously black teeth can be a direct result of over indulging. That thing called Glycyrrhizin causes the kidneys to excrete potassium, leaving your body with lower levels of it, which will make your heart skip a beat or pound harder than a heavy metal drummer. Either way just put down those licorice allsorts  and have a Coke!


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Honey Have You Seen My Bath Salts?

This fly spray is good shit!

Attention all drug users in Louisiana, the rumor you heard that bath salts, fertilizer or insect repellent can be sniffed to give you a high like cocaine or speed is a friggin lie, you will end up either in an emergency room or lining up outside the pearly gates. Seems some of these products contain methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) which is way more potent than Ritalin or cocaine. The only problem is the side effects are evil, not only will you be up for days but the hallucinations will make you more paranoid than Kim Jong Il’s fashion adviser. Hmm, sounds more like the drug is good for thinning out the herd.


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Caffeine Powder Warning

A little community service announcement to people buying caffeine powder, follow the instructions or die. A British man unfortunately didn’t, he died after downing two spoonfuls of caffeine powder with an energy drink at a party (equivalent to  drinking 70 cans of Red Bull). Fifteen minutes after taking it he was upchunking blood and sweating profusely. The packet was purchased online for $5.38 and warned users (in small print) not to take more than a sixteenth of a teaspoon. Sheez, when’s that trip to Mars?


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And The Lesson Today

A teacher from a New Hampshire high school is being sued after a student in his shop class got zapped so badly he was left brain damaged.Kyle Dubois and a few other student were mucking around when Dubois and his mate attached an electrical clamp to his nipples. A third student then plugged in the cord. Oh dear. The teacher, Thomas kelley, is now being sued for not warning them of the dangers of electrical demonstration cords.


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Death By Mushroom Picking

Can you believe in just over a week 18 people  have died from mushroom picking in Italy? No, they didn’t die from toadstool poisoning silly, but from falling into rocky crevasses and gorges.That’s what happens when you go picking them in the alpine regions of northern Italy while unfit , fat or ill equipped.

Psst I’m guessing a few mamas won’t be cooking linguine funghi again!

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Watch Out For These Little Pricks

OK, here’s the thing people contemplating having acupuncture, just remember if any of the needles are dirty you could catch a bacterial infection which could lead to joint destruction, multi-organ failure, flesh-eating disease and paralysis. I’m just saying! Hmm, don’t believe me? Read this at BBC.


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Gonna Make Your Brown Eyes Blind!

Did they glue them on?

Did they glue them on?

OK, here’s the thing people, if you happen across a website claiming they can turn your brown eyes blue for £5,000, just move on. Shenise Farrell happened across the site and is now lucky she hasn’t got a white stick and a seeing eye dog for her troubles. Ms Farrell from London, flew to Panama for the operation which included inserting colored lens inside the eye over the iris. The procedure, which took less than 10 minutes to complete, was according to Ms Farrell “unpleasant” and “painful”. After it was finished she was given eye drops and sent on her way but her blurry vision failed to improve. By the time she had returned to Britain she was as good as blind. British surgeons had no choice but to remove the lens and hope the hole in the iris, caused by the procedure, would heal. Of the drama Ms Farrell responded with ‘I’ve already had breast implants abroad in Bulgaria and had been very happy with that, so it didn’t faze me that I would have to go to Panama,’…enough said!


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