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Alligator bites off teens armOK golfers, one more time, do not and I repeat, DO NOT, make dares about who can retrieve the most golf balls from a croc infested dam in Kruger National Park, because someone’s gonna lose. The man disappeared after he waded into waist high water to pick up a ball. They don’t call it Lake Panic for nothing.


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Not So Safe

Man stuck in safe after a dareOh for the love of stupidity, a man who was partying in a vacant store in Toronto got himself stuck in a safe after he was dared to get in it.  He was eventually cut out after firefighters were called. Yes, he was drunk, eh.


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A Friggin Snake Dare

On the count of three...

Oh for goodness sakes, how many times do I have to tell you, swallowing a highly poisonous snake for $2 is gonna get you a whole lot of porcelain hugging. Zaver Rathod from India killed the nasty little reptile after it bit his friend but was then dared to eat it for 100 rupee. Never one to turn down a bet he ate the friggin thing raw. Enter severe vomiting.Lucky for Mr Rathod doctors were able to remove the entire contents of his stomach before the venom could seep into his bloodstream and kill him stone dead.


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What They Don’t Tell You About Slugs!

Yeah, my cousins got rat lungworm disease. Nasty!

OMG, a Sydney man is fighting for his life after he ate a garden slug for a dare. The unlucky 21 year old contracted rat lungworm disease which is a parasitic worm usually found floating around in rats’ arteries. It seems the slug ate some rat droppings which contained the larvae (and you pretty much know the rest). Oh and loons, this nasty little parasite can be caught via unwashed fruit and vegies too!


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Oh Chute!

OK, here’s the thing 20 year old man, don’t let little children dare you to go down a laundry chute, it will only end in tears, humiliation and embarrassment. The Wisconsin man, who obviously doesn’t want to be named, was attempting the dare (feet first) when he became wedged in the chute. A family called 911 and firefighters were able to saw a hole in the chute to relieve pressure on his chest before dragging him out.

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