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You Would Have Thought Safety In Numbers!

So I guess the date is off?

You know what I hate, when you go on a date and end up naked and with no dignity. I just friggin hate that. Four men from South Bend thought they were meeting some lovely woman after conversing with them on a dating chat line. Hmm,obviously not, because when they rocked up to the destination, not only were three women patiently waiting for them, so too were three men, two of which were armed. The victims were then asked to strip naked, with a few wayward shots being fired for encouragement, before the 6 fled with everything.


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Hmm, You Don’t Like Donuts?

and this is my "stop or I'll shoot" pose....

and this is my "stop or I'll shoot" pose....

Dating can be such a bitch, especially when it’s with a pretend cop who threatens to arrest you if you don’t go home with him! A woman rang police after she was attacked by her date when she decided not to follow him home because she had a gut feeling he was a psycho. During the argument he had threatened to arrest her if she didn’t go with him. Seems her woman’s intuition was right, he wasn’t no cop, just a nutter. Aaron Walton  was arrested for impersonating a police officer, criminal restraint and battery after police raided his house.


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