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First Impressions FAIL

You know what I hate? When you try to impress someone by jumping between two buildings but you mistime your jump and fall between the gap and have to be rescued. You gotta really hate that. A uni student from Pittsburgh was out to impress a woman but after crews had to use jackhammers to smash through a restaurant wall to extract him , I’m guessing it’s a NO.


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People of 911

One more time people, please don’t be ringing 911 to brag about your big muscles…oh and don’t be asking the dispatcher out on a date either. This is really important …the police know how to trace your calls and they will hunt you down, take away your cold beers and drag your dumbass down to the station. Just saying.

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Mugger The Lover

Come on, just one date!!!

OK, here’s the thing you Pittsburgh robber, no, the woman you mugged for $60 does NOT want to go on a date with you, ya fool! John Jardini, who allegedly robbed the woman as she got off a bus, then rang her twice asking for a date. While the cops were trying to track him down through phone records, he struck again, allegedly assaulting her outside a store. Yes loons, he was arrested.


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He’s A Keeper

A teenage dad is alleged to have left his 5 month old daughter in a hot car. Bad, I know, but even worse…he was on a date. Hang on, I haven’t finished. He was on a date at McDonalds. Hmm, and not only did he ditch his kid  to go on a McHappy date he parked a good distance away so no one would know. Evidently he couldn’t find a babysitter.

Psst I don’t know what’s worse, leaving your baby in a hot car or taking your date to Maccas???


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First Date Fail

You know what I hate? When you are going out on a first date and you accidentally shoot yourself with your gun. I really friggin hate that. The couple from North Carolina had just finished a meal when the guy got into his car and kaboom, right through his leg.


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You Would Have Thought Safety In Numbers!

So I guess the date is off?

You know what I hate, when you go on a date and end up naked and with no dignity. I just friggin hate that. Four men from South Bend thought they were meeting some lovely woman after conversing with them on a dating chat line. Hmm,obviously not, because when they rocked up to the destination, not only were three women patiently waiting for them, so too were three men, two of which were armed. The victims were then asked to strip naked, with a few wayward shots being fired for encouragement, before the 6 fled with everything.


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