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Have I got a man for you, desperate loons. He’s got a beautiful smile, easy going, good sense of humour and will do anything for love. Only one catch, OK, several, he’s behind bars for manslaughter and has an extensive criminal past. Which is kinda scary, I agree. But besides that, he’s got a “Guys At Barwon Prison That Want Girls To Write To Them” page on Facebook and he’s looking for love. Might want to give him a poke?


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Delta Goes Disney

Well, well, well, what on earth would make Nick Jonas take off his purity ring? Hmm, might want to ask Delta Goodrem (26) , she is rumored to be dating the 18 year old virgin. The Aussie singer , who recently dumped Irish singer Brian McFadden, was photographed holding hands with  the youngest Jonas brother after seeing a movie together (many noted he was minus his purity ring). Goodrem and Jonas  have been recording an album together.

Psst The three brothers have been wearing the purity rings on their left hand to symbolise their ‘promise to God to stay pure until marriage.’ Hmm, maybe has been reading too much Stephen Hawking?

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At Least They Get The Awkward Bit Out Of The Way

Good grief, are you loons aware that there is now a dating website for people who have herpes. No seriously, I couldn’t and wouldn’t  make this up. It’s in Winnipeg (not that there is anything wrong with that!) and they specialize in matching people with genital herpes. Ewh and get this, some people want to be matched up, despite not having the STD. One of their clients who is so please about the service said “We’re not lepers, its not AIDs,… it’s just a rash. It’s no more different than having a cold sore on your face.” Well alrighty then!

Psst If it wasn’t such a horrible sounding name for a disease . Hmm, but then again its probably better than saying, cold sore of the nether region!


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Careful What You Wish For

Dear god, look who’s popped up on eHarmony? He’s a keeper!!!


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Quick, They Could Still Be Available

WTF creepy assed people.Go away with your 1980’s dating videos, they scare the friggin bejeezus out of me. Hmm, here’s hoping most of you haven’t bred!


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