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Father Knows Best

messy roomA father was so peeved at his daughter’s messy room, he moved everything out into the driveway (while she was at school) and put up a sign that read “Haley, room moved to driveway/Clean it next time.” Despite saying her dad’s reaction was a tad “extreme” Haley was pleased that he brought in painters to give the room a makeover.


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Mother Sends Daughter to Siberia

Don't worry honey, someone will come to your rescue

Don’t worry honey, someone will come to your rescue

Holy punishment Batman. A misbehaving US teen was plonked on a plane to Siberia by her mother as punishment for being a shit at home. The girl, who was 15 at the time, was told she would spend three weeks living with her Russian father but she is still there 2 and a half years later. The girl who couldn’t speak Russian lived with  father who spoke no English for awhile but is currently living in a hotel, going to school and working 60 hours a week to avoid having to rely on her father who she discovered is no prince Charming. Meanwhile her mother seems to have washed her hands of the teen, who, if she turns 18 in Russia, may not be allowed to return to the US. Sheez, let this be a warning to all misbehaving teens …. tough love can be a bitch.

Want sauce with that?


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Effective Punishment For Kids

Just because you are a renowned pediatrician doesn’t mean you can’t waterboard your daughter every now and again, gosh. Dr Melvin Morse has been accused of holding his 11 year old daughter’s head under a tap and forcing the water up her nose as a form of punishment (sheez, what did she do?). The life of the Morse family began unraveling after a neighbor reported the dear Doc to police after seeing him drag his daughter across the driveway of their house by her ankles. Later the daughter allegedly told authorities  about the waterboarding. Both mom and dad have been arrested. Hmm, Christmas is going to be awkward.

Want sauce with that?


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British Prime Minister Misplaces His Daughter

Excuse me Mr Cameron, would you mind coming back to the pub because you forgot something….your 8 year old daughter!!!!  The British Prime Minister and  family were having a good old time at their local pub but when they got home they realized one of the brood was missing. Seems she had slipped off to the loo without telling anyone just before they left. Doh!

Psst Isn’t his security men suppose to count heads?


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Toddlers and Tanners

And here you were thinking all day I wasn’t going to mention ……

Tsk, tsk, you under estimate the Loon!!

Tan addict Patricia Krentcil has been accused of sunbedding her 5 year old daughter to the point of burning the kid’s skin .

Psst Still no confirmation she was born in Ohio !!!


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Decisions, Decisions

A man in Florida burned down his house rather than have his mother, wife and daughter move in. Those in favor say I.


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Here Honey, Can You Hold This?

Antwine Bulter better be getting his 13 year old daughter a friggin awesome Christmas present this year after he left her holding 50 bags of crack and bags of marijuana when he spied police at his front door. He took off out the back door as he yelled to his daughter to gather up all the drugs and get rid of them. When police entered with a search warrant she was standing there holding the entire stash. As for daddy dearest, he hasn’t been seen since!


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