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Pure Slack Ass Genius

Dave is one lazy bastard. His mate asked him to create a poster for an upcoming event…too easy

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Attention Bottom Dwelling Bloggers

Well guess what Dave from Hambo Central? With in minutes of you posting “I’m a Bottom Dwelling Blogger” your post became number 3 on the search term  “Bottom Dwelling Blogger”. Congratulation and welcome to the elite group.Come on people, if you think your blog deserves to be read, loved and nurtured by other bottom dwellers, just follow the simple steps. Oh and don’t forget to check out Dave’s post here I’m a Bottom Dwelling Blogger.

UPDATE : After writing this post I had another little sticky peak and WTF, Hambo, Hatters and British Blog.co (who I have never heard of) are all featured. BUT wait there’s more…guess who also snuck in while we weren’t watching?  Sheez, she’s good, she’s really good…..


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