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British Prime Minister Sacks Larry The Mouse Hunter

Poor pussy

How despicable. British Prime Minister David Cameron has given one of his staff members the flick due to his inability to fulfill his job requirements. It is with great sadness to announce the firing of Larry the “Chief Mouser”. yes, the little kitty hired to rid 10 Downing Street of vermin has been sleeping on the job. In fact since taking the illustrious position in February 2011, he has only caught one mouse, and that was last month when he obviously got wind of the his boss’s discontent. Hmm, I’m guessing it’s back to the animal shelter for Larry as Freya the tabby takes his place.


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British Prime Minister Misplaces His Daughter

Excuse me Mr Cameron, would you mind coming back to the pub because you forgot something….your 8 year old daughter!!!!  The British Prime Minister and  family were having a good old time at their local pub but when they got home they realized one of the brood was missing. Seems she had slipped off to the loo without telling anyone just before they left. Doh!

Psst Isn’t his security men suppose to count heads?


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Is England abandoned a sinking ship?

Pendulum swings like a pendulum do...

David Cameron  is experiencing the French cold shoulder after vetoing a new EU power grab.  Cameron has said no, no, no, to a new  European treaty after they refused to agree to protect City of London if it all goes kaboom! Hmm and lets face it, why would Britain, who is relatively protected from the debt ridden Europe, want to board a sinking ship?

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I Could Have Sworn I Saw Your Wife….

Oh boy, imagine after 10 years of marriage discovering your wife is a prostitute? Sheez! Poor Mike Weatherley, a Conservative Party politician, who campaigned with British Prime Minister David Cameron, had no idea his Brazilian wife Carla had been working in massage parlors in England under the names Adriana, Bianca and Bea. Hello, £70-an-hour is nothing to sneeze at! Oh well, now he does.Hmm, I suppose there’s worse things to be, like  a politician.

Psst Mike and his wife have been separated since February.

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