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South Yorkshire Police SHAME

In 1989, during an FA Cup semi at Hillsborough, 96 Liverpool fans lost their lives after chief superintendent David Duckenfield ordered the opening of gates to the stadium after the fans created a bottle neck at the entrance. As the gates opened and the crowd surged forward, fans got caught in an almighty crush with nowhere to go. What would become one of the worst football tragedies in British history has now became one of the nations biggest cover ups , thanks to the South Yorkshire Police.

After 23 years the “Truth” has finally been told. Police cover ups, statements doctored and a newspaper fooled into printing lies were just some of the findings from an independent report that puts to rest, once and for all, that the “drunken fans” were to be blamed for the tragedy.

Sadly, the report also found that 41 of the victims had survivable injuries and may have lived had they received adequate emergency aid.

Not only did police remove damaging statement from over 100 statements they also ordered that all the dead, including children, were checked for prior criminal records and that their blood be tested for alcohol.

To top it all off, they also fed The Sun newspaper a bundle of lies about Liverpool fans being drunk, urinating on police and stealing from the dead during the crush. Sadly, the newspaper printed the lies with a heading entitled “The Truth” . They justified their findings because their source was none other than the South Yorkshire Police.

Families of the victims, Liverpool soccer fans and the general public have for years claimed that there had been a massive cover up. Today, hopefully, they can finally find some sort of closure.

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