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Dave Saved

Onya Dave

OMG, David Kiely gets to keep his job. All hail Macquaire Bank, who never saw so much publicity in all their life. Mr Kiely would like to thank all his fans and especially Miranda Kerr who graciously stepped in to give her two cents worth. Wow, now Dave can go back to his god awful boring job. Congrats Dave. Pants off the ground!


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Save Dave

Save the poor sucker!

David Kiely may not want to show his face ever again on TV but a financial website has set up a campaign to try and save the Macquarie banker’s job. Need I remind you who he is? Mr Kiely is the unfortunate soul who opened up an email of naked super model Miranda Kerr while on live TV. Click here if you missed it Embarrassed Much. Well anywho,  rumors are flying around faster than Elin’s 9 iron that despite him being set up by his colleagues , he is going to be sacked. So  the Here is the City website is encouraging readers to email the PR department of Macquarie to beg them not to sack him.Poor unfortunate soul.


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