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Can You Hear The Lambs Clarice?

Want to make extra money while studying at uni? Why not do what Jack does? He taught himself taxidermy and is now selling dead animal pencil cases. How sweet. He collects most of his material (dead animals) from pest control then sells them around the world.
Jack is philosophical about his work “Some people have suggested my work is satirical or that they have a deeper meaning but they are just daft.”


PSST – The case also includes  a pencil sharpener but I will leave it to you to guess where that is inserted!!!!!

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Two Heads On The Beer

Protein right?

You might want to check your Tecate Light beer people. Everett Johnston was sipping his, when he thought “hmm, something ain’t right” so had a closer look in the bottle and saw a rat’s head floating inside. Poor Mr Johnston friggin freaked, vomited and hightailed it to hospital fearing he had been poisoned. He is now suing for damages and has the contaminated bottle lying in his freezer as evidence.

Psst So if it contains a rat head it isn’t technically light beer then?


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Give Up, It’s Dead

OK, here’s the thing drunk Pennsylvania man, you can’t resuscitate a road killed 0possum no matter how hard you try. Donald Wolfe was charged with public drunkenness after the police found him along Route 36 trying to get the dead marsupial’s heart going. No word on exactly how he was trying to resuscitate the creature but I am guessing it wasn’t pretty. Flat lined in so many ways.


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