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Lesson 1

What do you do when you are rejected for a coaching and teaching position at a school? Hmm, well if you are disappointed  Indiana man you send (allegedly) the successful applicant dead skunks and raccoons, that’s what. Unfortunately, that has got him stalking, intimidation and criminal mischief charges which wont look good on his next application.


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Roadkill Bill Passed

OMG ewh, Illinois has just passed a “roadkill bill” which now allows people to pick, shovel, scrape dead animals off the road to either eat or skin. Yep, that’s right . The bill was pushed through by Republican Rep. Norine Hammond who thought it was a waste for roadkill to rot on the roadsides. One Democrat scoffed at the idea saying….. what to do if a critter wasn’t quite dead? Am I required to perform mouth-to-mouth on that dead skunk? Evidently the pelts of some animals are fetching handsome profits, so skin away good people of Illinois.

Psst Authorities warn, eat roadkill at your own peril.

Want sauce with that?


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Ingenious Indigenous Drug Smugglers

Oh for goodness sakes people, will you quit smuggling your friggin drugs and alcohol into the remote indigenous communities via roadkill! It’s friggin gross for starters. Evidently, the latest craze is to gut a dead animals found on the side of the road, fill the carcass with alcohol and ganja (cannabis) and then stitch the creature back up. Politicians are concerned that people in the Northern Territory are resorting to these types of actions to get around the current restrictions on the purchasing of alcohol.No really, you think? Seems that now the flow of alcohol has been somewhat stemmed there is now a massive increase in drug use. Rock and a hard place me thinks.


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