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That’s Just Rotten

OK, here’s the thing funeral director, probably not a good idea to leave the decomposing body of a woman in a hearse parked under a tree for 9 friggin days because the stench will attract police and then you’ll have a lot of explaining to do. The David B. Lawson Mortuary told police they had picked up the body of Linda Walton after she had died of natural causes but had to wait on police to contact next of kin before they could cremate the body. So in the mean time under a tree she stayed. Oh and the mortuary said the body wasn’t in the hearse for 9 days it was 4 days OK!!!


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You Might Want to Sit On A Chair!

You get use to the smell

OK, here’s the thing Alan Derrick, you can’t just roll your dead flatmate under a sofa for ten years, because you were worried you’d be evicted. When Denis Pring (his drinking partner) died in 1998, Mr Derrick panicked because he had been living in his Bristol flat unofficially, so he hid the body under his sofa. Hmm, despite the fact neighbors complained of  an awful smell and a council warden inspected the flat, no one noticed Mr Pring’s body. The source of the ponk was put down to an overflowing toilet and that was that. The body was eventually discovered by council cleaning staff in 2008 when Mr Derrick had moved out of the property. No criminal charges were laid due to his learning difficulties.


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Gee, He Went All Out This Year!

Dead body on balcony thought to be Halloween propWhen it is this close to Halloween you could be forgiven for thinking the dead body on the balcony was just a Halloween prop. An elderly man had been slumped on the third floor balcony for nearly a week in plain view.Neighbors had thought it was simply a Halloween prop and pretty much ignored it. But it was only after someone noticed blood dripping down from the third floor to the balconies below that the alarm was raised. It seems the man had shot himself. Whoops!

Psst Thanks Jammers for the story.


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Apartment Looked Like Landfill

I told you Hector it was too good to be true!

I told you Hector it was too good to be true!

Oh dear, when firefighters in Queens busted down Ming Li Sung’s door they were expecting to find a dead body but instead they found ceiling high piles of rotting garbage and a not so friendly Mr Sung. One cop described the apartment as looking like landfill. Some of the policemen were even throwing up because the stench was so bad. Cockroaches were seen exiting the apartment in droves after firefighters and police attempted to clear some of the mess. It is now understood one unfortunate neighbor was forced to flee his apartment because the smell was so gross and another was on a waiting list to be relocated. Evidently this problem had been going on for several years but the city Housing Authority had been ignoring complaints. Mr Sung was taken away for psychiatric evaluation! No word on whether the garbage was taken away too!


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