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Toddler 1, Deadly Snake 0

snake6In a twist of irony and pure luck a 1 year old Brazilian snowflake has saved himself by chomping on the head of a venomous snake. The little snake charmer was discovered with blood all over his face and hands with the dead pit viper still clenched in his jaws. While the snake had been killed at its own game, the father had quite a job getting his son to let go of his prey.

PSST There is some debate as to whether the snake was really a pit viper or simply a non-venomous water snake. I’m going with viper because otherwise the story is simply gross and disgusting.


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Deadly King Cobra

King cobra on the loose in QueenslandFeet up people of Orlando, seems an 8ft venomous king cobra is on the loose after escaping from its owner’s house. Unfortunately, the deadly reptile is friggin green and yellow and most likely gonna be hanging out in densely wooded area. Authorities are saying not to approach the creature…. no shit Sherlock …. one bite has enough venom to kill 20 people. More bad news, cobras are good climbers and it is likely to grow up to 18 feet. Good luck with that!


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Snake Pastor Dies

snake6A reality show pastor, who used deadly snakes in his sermons, has died after he refused medical help after getting bitten. The reason? Well, the Bible says a poisonous snakebite will not harm anyone as long as they are anointed by God’s power. Hmm, that’s like awkward.


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A Friggin Snake Dare

On the count of three...

Oh for goodness sakes, how many times do I have to tell you, swallowing a highly poisonous snake for $2 is gonna get you a whole lot of porcelain hugging. Zaver Rathod from India killed the nasty little reptile after it bit his friend but was then dared to eat it for 100 rupee. Never one to turn down a bet he ate the friggin thing raw. Enter severe vomiting.Lucky for Mr Rathod doctors were able to remove the entire contents of his stomach before the venom could seep into his bloodstream and kill him stone dead.


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Kendrapada’s Snake Man Dies

The King Cobra hunter of India is dead, killed by a snake. Rajkishore Pani (62) who was thought of as India’s “Steve Irwin” was bitten while removing a king cobra from a neighbor’s brick kiln in the middle of his son’s wedding. Pani usually had emergency vaccines and a pump to remove poison on hand but when he was found he was semi unconscious and writhing in pain. He died a few minutes after arriving at hospital. The conservationist had rescued over 4,000 reptiles in his 30 year career.

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Feet Up Everybody

Sticky end!

For three weeks tenants of a German apartment block have been living elsewhere thanks to a deadly pet miniature cobra. The highly venomous reptile, which was no thicker than a pencil, escaped it’s terrarium on March 18 causing the evacuation of the residents. Authorities responded by blocking off the street and stripping the owner’s attic apartment. When they failed to find the evil little creature  the building was sealed in the hope of starving it to death. Finally after three weeks the mini cobra was found dead, stuck to a strip of tape. The snake’s owner is now facing a $134,000 bill for the rescue effort and the wrath of angry neighbors.


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Honey, I Wont Be Home For Dinner


WTF Maryland residents, no need for alarm! A Maryland woman was minding her own bees wax in shopping center car park and noticed a stick on the ground. When she went to pick it up the stick bit her. Yep, that wasn’t no stick, that was a friggin cobra! See, I told you WTF. Evidently the 2ft monocled cobra took a liking to her finger and sunk his friggin fangs in it. Bravest woman in the world managed to bag the beast before hightailing it to the Baltimore clinic where they all pretty much said  WTF is that. After a major ring around to find someone who stocked friggin anti cobra venom, they had success.  All hail the Philadelphia Zoo who had a couple of vials of cobra anitvenom next to the hen’s teeth.

Psst Oh and for any of you who are the least bit concerned about the snake, he is safe and sound in his new abode at a zoo in Fredrick County. Oh yeah and the woman will live too. Win/win.


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