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Careful What You Wish For

Dear god, look who’s popped up on eHarmony? He’s a keeper!!!


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Kim Jong Il Is The New Black

Holy Pyongy Beer Batman, Kim Jong Il is a trend setter according to Pyongyang’s official website. Yes siree, his zipped-up tunic and matching trousers (which come in simple khaki or bland bluey grey) have become “global vogue”…strike a pose! The article on the website quotes a French fashion expert (not named), who said “world fashion follows Kim Jong-Il’s style.” Yeah, if you are my grandfather looking for comfy slacks that can be pulled up to your armpits! The French designer was also quoted as saying “Kim Jong-Il mode which is now spreading expeditiously worldwide is something unprecedented in the world’s history” Hmm, so in other words Dear leader is pretty much a walking fashion god which we all can only aspire to be.


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Will the Real Kim Jong Il Please Sit Down

Kim Jong Il is an imposter

Can you spot the imposter?

Is the real Kim Jong  ill? The Japanese rumor mill has been running hot with whispers that  the real Kim Jong Il is either gravely ill or dead and that an impostor has taken his place. OK,  we’ve heard it all before  but now the Japanese are stepping up their claims saying that the photo ops with Bill Clinton was with a fake. WTF is Dear Leader messing with us?


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