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Death in Custody Bungle

The body of a man who died choking in police custody over 13 years ago has turned up at a mortuary despite family believing he had already been buried.The shock discovery of Christopher Alder’s body has just added to the family’s grief after having unsuccessfully filed a civil suit against the Crown prosecution Service.Following Alder’s death in 1998, 5 policemen went on trial for the unlawful killing of The former paratrooper but they were cleared of all charges. The family later sued the CPS as they believed they were racially discriminated against following Alder’s death and during the trial of the policemen.

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I Hope It Was 2 Ply

Oh my, an inmate at a Texas jail committed suicide by swallowing copious amounts of wet toilet paper. Joel de la Rosa (18) was being held on drug charges at the time of his tragic end.


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